Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My First Post!

So I finally made a blog. My professors are all talking about how important it is to have one. So there you go! I have another personal website that my boyfriend is helping me create, its not done yet it's still in its preliminary stages, but I will use this for now.

My name is Anna Chang, I am a senior at Cal State Fullerton, majoring in animation. This is my last semester finally! Well, after I walk the ceremony in May, I still have to take one more class in the semester so I won't be officially done until July. After that its the real world!

Currently, I am interning at cartoon network on the show Ben 10. Its a great experience to be able to work with real artwork that goes into making a show. I have never realized how many people and work it takes to make one episode. I love the work environment it isn't just a bunch of people minding their own businesses and working in their own cubicle the whole day. Its really kick back, sometimes we play foesball or see how many push ups someone can do.

here are some samples of my artwork that i did recently in my descriptive drawing class of summer 2008

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